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obiextract: bug? - cbird - 08-01-2016

When using obiextract to divide a fasta file into multiple fasta files by sample (1 file per sample), a line is added at the beginning of the file that is not compatible with the fasta format.  

This then requires sed, awk, or perl to remove the added line from each file.

There seems to be no arguments that prevent this from happening.

RE: obiextract: bug? - coissac - 08-03-2016

There was actually a debug print that was forgotten.
This has been patched and the new version 1.2.9 is ok, at list for this bug.
For bugs, it is better to post an issue on
It is the development server for OBITools and issues are followed more actively by developers.
You have to register with your google account or tweeter account to be able to post issues

All the best

RE: obiextract: bug? - cbird - 08-05-2016

Thanks for the reply, if we find anything else, we'll post it on gitlab